What CryptoValley.jobs is about?

CryptoValley.jobs is a hyper niche Job Board for highly qualified, crypto native talent in Switzerland. Think blockchain developers, crypto analysts etc.

 For Employers: You are looking for the perfect candidate to bring your company to the next level. CryptoValley.jobs will amplify your reach and present this opportunity to thousands of qualified candidates.

 For Job seekers: If you are in the market for a new challenge or want to see all the opportunities Switzerland's crypto ecosystem has to offer, then CryptoValley.jobs is for you. The best way to stay in the loop is to create a Job Seeker profile and a personalized job alert.

We hired a great guy, physics graduate, collaborator with Polygon Dao and with Gains Network for the Defi Wizard role. Very good guy." - Co-founder of Clearstar Labs

Who is behind CryptoValley.jobs?

CryptoValley.jobs was founded by Jonas, a Switzerland-based crypto enthusiast and host of the Defire podcast.

Working at several startups throughout his career, Jonas has experienced first-hand the incredible impact one great hire can have on a business. Finding that 10x engineer, that natural salesperson, or that organized project manager can make the difference between a failing and a flourishing company.

CryptoValley.jobs is here to help you have the best shot at finding that person for your company.