Top 10 Crypto Skills the Industry is looking for: Most In-Demand Skills 2022

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency job and finally start following your passion for blockchain? Crypto offers a new wave of exciting job opportunities. Find out what skills are needed to join the fast-growing web3 sector.

Cryptocurrency offers many job openings for forward-thinking professionals who have experience with this new technology or are willing to go through a steep learning curve to capture the upside of being at the forefront of a new movement.

We analyzed the most sought-after skills, that crypto companies, blockchain protocols and foundations are currently hiring for. Unsurprisingly, most tech companies are looking for tech talent. 

Queue Steve Balmer's cringendary presentation from the nineties.

Solidity, Rust and full-stack developers remain in high demand. We will dive into exactly which kinds of developer skills crypto companies are hiring for below.

But there are also many opportunities for marketers, analysts and community builders with web3 experience and know-how willing to work in the new industry.

The top 10 skills needed in the crypto industry

Smart Contract Developer

Smart contract development is a highly demanded skill. During the 2021 bull run, it has been reported that some Solidity developers could negotiate salaries up to $500k a year. Solidity is Ethereum's smart contract language and is said to be similar to JavaScript. Other Blockchains use different programming languages. Solana developers can program in C or Rust, Cardano uses Haskell and Tezos uses OCaml, for instance. They all have in common that they can be used to build decentralized applications (dApps) on their respective blockchains. These lines of code can secure millions or sometimes even billions of dollars. Therefore a smart contract developer needs to be deeply aware of security best practices, potential exploits and make use of third-party audits.

Blockchain Developer

Many technical crypto jobs require programming skills, whether working as a blockchain developer or performing blockchain data analysis, maintaining security processes, etc. Some languages are more valuable than others in this regard. C++, Java, and Scala are commonly used for blockchain protocols. However, knowing other languages and frameworks like Python, Node.js or Rust doesn't hurt. Alternatively, you can also look into website or UX design - see below.

Full-Stack developers

Web2 is not dead, and your skills are also valuable in the crypto industry. If you know your way around the backend and frontend of web applications, you will most likely have the skills to start working for a crypto company.

UX Designers

Crypto is known for its clunky UI (I'm looking at you, Curve), but more and more developers of dApps are starting to see that a friendly UI and a great UX are essential to the success of their dApps. If you are proficient in creating beautiful, intuitive interfaces that plug into the blockchain and allow users to access its functionality without knowing or worrying about what's happening behind the scenes, then you are in luck. UX designers are in high demand in web3.

DeFi / Analyst

Suppose you have a proven track record of making money with DeFi, a deep understanding of DeFi fundamentals, and know how to explain your thought process clearly. In that case, you have the skills to work as a financial services firm Analyst or as a DeFi wizard.

Community Building

Getting a crowd of internet strangers excited about your project is a precious skill. If you know how to run a successful Discord or Telegram channel and have ideas on engaging the audience to do what you want, then you will find a job in web3. These are relatively new skills that many projects, companies and DAOS currently seek.


Doing marketing for a web3 project can, but doesn't need to be different from web2 digital marketing. You still need to promote and sell a product or service. You still need to do research and advertising. However, the target group and the channels to reach them might differ. As a crypto / web3 marketer, it is up to you to use your digital marketing skills and adapt them to the new challenge.

Data Science

Crypto and web3 applications are producing vast amounts of publicly available data. Understanding how to extract, parse, and make sense of it and use it to equip businesses and other organizations is crucial data scientists top the rankings for the best-paid cryptocurrency career vacancies. You'll probably need a science, math or engineering background and coding skills since you'll be building tools to help you process the wealth of data the blockchain holds.

Legal and Compliance

Even the most decentralized protocols and projects can't simply ignore the law. Web3 companies need to adhere to often murky regulations in many different jurisdictions. There are many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts who deeply understand the evolving regulatory landscapes for cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs. A law degree and other qualifications are often needed.


The entire web3 industry is building on the rails powered by cryptographers. A deep understanding of cryptography and the security mechanisms for cryptocurrency and blockchain is a precious skill that is particularly needed in Layer one protocols, such as Ethereum, Layer two scaling solutions, and other highly technical roles.


Security is an essential job in any industry, but in blockchain, it's vital – a high-responsibility position that will demand a very high degree of technical competence. As a security architect, you are responsible for establishing and maintaining the systems that will keep your company and product secure and prevent unwanted exploitation.